UNCSA Percussion

John Beck - percussion (John R. Beck) coordinates the percussion program at the University of North Carolina School of the Arts. UNCSA percussion is designed to offer percussionists the breadth of experience for success in the music business.

What former students say about study with John R. Beck

“It became clear from day one that I was working with a professor who was dedicated to helping me achieve my professional and artistic goals. He fostered a caring environment in his studio, where all backgrounds and experiences were not only respected and observed, but cultivated and encouraged!”

– Jason MM

 “The percussion program at UNCSA prepared me for the range of opportunities a percussionist has in today's professional community including orchestral playing, drum set styles, solo performances, and cross disciplinary collaborations. Mr. Beck had a strong commitment to my success as a student, evident in his assistance in preparing me to win the school concerto competition as well as personally transporting a marimba across the state for another of my concerto appearances.”

– Scott BM

“Even more valuable, in my mind, is the level of thoughtfulness and preparation Professor Beck puts into his work, both his teaching and in running the operations of the program. These are the types of skills that translate across many areas in life, and having Professor Beck as a teacher has given me one more exemplar of professionalism on which to model myself.”

– Christian HS

“As an Instructor Mr. Beck's approach was always practical and centered around appropriate preparation to achieve outstanding musical execution.” – Abdullah MM

“What I appreciated most about Mr. Beck’s teaching style was his determination to create well-rounded percussionists.”

– Shawn BM

“Mr. Beck helped me take the skills learned in my previous training to a new level and provided new insights to approach music not only from a technical standpoint, but also intellectually. Using his knowledge from his years of experience as a professional musician, Mr. Beck instilled in me the ability to perform in all situations in the most professional manner.”

– Alex MM

“My experience in the percussion program was incredibly positive; it was wonderful in the fullest sense. Mr. Beck pushed all of us to take our studies seriously, provided endless opportunities to grow and learn, and facilitated a deep camaraderie amongst the studio and with his students that persists nearly a decade later. It was a wonderful, wonderful experience for me and my peers.” – John HS

“John R. Beck's experience and thoughtfulness were immensely helpful in my college application process.” – David HS