Music for horn and percussion data base

Music for Horn and Percussion

Maria Serkin and John R. Beck complied list of music for a presentation at the International Women’s Brass Conference at Arizona State University May 21 -25, 2019. If there are compositions we missed, please let us know and we will add them.

Published compositions for horn and percussion include:

Solo Suite for Horn and Improvizatory Percussion - Alec Wilder 1954/76

HornVibes - Verne Reynolds (Belwin Mills) 1986

Variations for Horn and Percussion - Stuart Jones 1988

Dragons in the Sky - horn, percussion, tape/horn, percussion, wind ensemble – Mark Schultz (JOMAR Press) 1989

Thoughtful Wanderings - natural horn and percussion (or tape) - Douglas Hill 1990

Sonata for Horn and Marimba - Charles Taylor (C. Alan Publications) c. 1991

Night Tide - horn and vibraphone - Howard J. Buss (Brixton Publications) 1995

Call of the Boromir - horn and marimba – Daniel McCarthy (C. Alan Publications) c. 1997

Whitman Sampler - horn and timpani – Maria Latimore Sheppard 1997

A Command Performance for the King of Tonga – horn, marimba/percussion J. Mark Scearce 1998

Ancient Methods - horn and chimes (based on change ringing) - Nick Rissman 1999

Shared Spaces - 2 horns/2percussion (marimba/vibes/toms/congas/bongos) – Lynn Glassock (C. Alan Publications) c. 2005

Protected Sleep - horn and marimba (uses some traditional Jewish melodic material) - Faye-Ellen Silverman (Seesaw Music) 2006

New Wine in Old Bottles - 2 natural horns, percussion (tom toms, crotales, triangle, snare, wb, sus) - Jeffrey Agrell (JOMAR Press) 2011

Brave Wind - horn and field drum - Mark Goodenberger 2014

Reflective Journey - horn and percussion quartet - Howard J. Buss (Brixton Publications) 2014

Dreams from the Shadows - horn and vibraphone - Howard J. Buss (Brixton Publications) 2015

Crystal Kaleidoscope - horn and vibraphone - Ken Davies 2018

Pale Warmth - horn and vibraphone (bow and pitch bending - extended horn techniques) Yulin Yan 2019  

Waves - horn and percussion (improvised horn, cymbals, tam tam) - Rachael Devorah 2019

 Message Exchange - horn and marimba - Rain Worthington 2019

 A Cautionary Tale - horn and vibraphone (atmospheric introduction and jaunty second section)  - MJ Halco 2019

 Atrevida - horn and 2 percussion (marimba, congas, claves) Spanish/Latin music influence - Madeline A. Lee 2019 Winner of the 2019 Call for Scores