Comfort Sound® Drumming

Interactive Group Drumming in Healthcare

Comfort Sound® Drumming

This protocol was developed during a research study at Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center where stem cell transplant recipient patients participated in small interactive drum groups to improve energy, mood, and relaxation, and reduce stress and anxiety.

Comfort Sound® Drumming is 30-minute musical experience that is an adaptation of HealthRHYTHMS® techniques combined with other drumming activities designed for each person according to their musical preferences and background. It is essentially a small interactive drum group (drum circle) created with a minimum of three people using Remo Versa® Tubanos® with Comfort Sound Technology®. The low volume of the drums is ideal for healthcare environments. Initial data review from the research study indicates that over 80% of participants reported increased energy, mood, and relaxation, over 60% had decreased anxiety, and a majority felt less distress and pain after drumming.

Comfort Sound® Drumming is a technique that can be a valuable tool in integrative medicine to help heal the whole patient.

Interactive Group Drumming (IGD) study data table at the bottom of this page.

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Comfort Sound® Drumming instruments

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